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 Fa Mulan [Profile]

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PostSubject: Fa Mulan [Profile]   Fa Mulan [Profile] Icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 6:20 pm

Name: Fa Mulan
Age: 18
Nationality: Japanese
Color: Red
Familiar: Cri-Kee .. Level 1

History: Mulan is a red witch and her familiar is Cri-Kee, her cricket.. She's specialized in spells that bring statues and stuffs like that alive in addition to the normal spells!

Her family was killed by some hunter when she was 10, so she had to got it alone until she found this "paradise" for witch...

She's a trouble maker, nobody likes her!
Even Lady Tremaine, the leader of the witch.. Mulan hates her and everytime tries to face her but she always ignore her..
Frollo, from his part, doesn't like her 'cause she's a witch but also because she enjoys disguise herself as a soldier and create trouble from the inside...

And obliosly Cri-Kee doesn't like all this movement!
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Fa Mulan [Profile]
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