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 Maleficents profile

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PostSubject: Maleficents profile   Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:24 pm

Name: Maleficent
Birth name: Felicia
Age: 57
Powers: She uses black magic, prefering to use the most strongest spells instead of weaker ones. Her favourite element is fire, though she can create storms and and lightnings too, which is her second favourite element. Her favourite form of torture she gives to people is nightmares and hallusinations. She loves to play with peoples worst fears.
Familiar: A dragon named Tarkan, and it's a he (level 5)
History: Maleficent or Felicia as she used to be called, used to live a peacefull life in her village. She used to belong to a wide family of witches and wizards. Some were red, some were white and some were balck, her parents were black, and so was she. When the witch hunters came and exterminated her family she was angry and sad. Then one day she met her familiar and they have been together ever since. Tarkan is ancient creature, and regocnises her as his equal. They traveled the world together and she learned to use her poswers to their full potential. She was getting older and needed to settle down. She found a peacefull village and setteled down there. She conquered it and started to live in her castle. How ever Tarkan wanted to be free, and she couldn't allow that. So she locked him in the castle and keeps him bound to her if she ever needed to go somewhere. He resents this and is eager to get his freedom. She hates the hunters and enjoys her position as a sort of queen that gets to run free under the hunters noses. Her dearest companion is Chel, who she regards as her daughter after saving her from Frollo. Chels mother used to be one of her friends. She gained her name Maleficent from people who feared her, though Tarkan still calls her Felicia.
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PostSubject: Re: Maleficents profile   Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:05 pm

Aww.... *-*
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Maleficents profile
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