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 Ariel {Profile}

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In training to become the same witch as her mother. (white witch)

Anya- Adoptive mother
Athena- Birth mother
Sinbad- Birth father (she doesn't know of him yet though)

The sea
The idea of Magic
When she can do some magic

Being alone
Not being able to do a lot of magic yet
Creepy old men
Being locked up

Ariel grew up in a small town with her adoptive mother, Anya, who raised her and told her about her birth mother. Ariel knows who her mother is and what she is... She just doesn't know where she is. She convinces Anya to let her go on a journey to find her birth mother, but before they can leave a man appears at their house looking for a girl with "blood red hair." There was rumor that Anya was seen with a girl with red hair and they actually believe it to be Athena. Ariel runs before the find out about her and meets a man named Eric, who has volunteered to come with her on her journey to find her mother.
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Ariel {Profile}
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