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 Athena [Profile]

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PostSubject: Athena [Profile]   Athena [Profile] Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 4:46 pm

Name: Athena
Age: 30
Color: White
Familiar: Rain [Level 3]
Power: Athena can control water, her green eyes turn white when she uses her power. And her ability with water is able to help her change into a mermaid when she needs to. Though if she can really focus on her power, her body will have a white aura around her.
Relatives: Ariel [Daughter, she is 14 years old]

Athena is sweet, kind, and generous. Even though her ex-fiancee was a witch hunter, she can't find herself hating hunters. Though she is afraid of getting caught. Which is why she learned how to turn herself into a mermaid when she is in trouble. But, she doesn't like immaturity, and if she needs to tell someone to calm down..She will.

When Athena was sixteen, she was in love with a man named Sinbad. And he loved her, but he didn't know she was a Witch..And she didn't know he was a Witch Hunter..Though, the day Sinbad had proposed to her, she said yes..But soon after told him about being a Witch, Sinbad became confused, before getting mad, he yelled at Athena, asking if she just charmed him..If their love was a lie, she said no, but he called her a liar. He then took the ring back, calling off the proposal and tried to bring her to the rest of the hunters.

Athena confused and heartbroken, was able to break free as she ran off fast. She ran fast, trying to get away from Sinbad. And when she got some distance away from him, she hid underneath a bridge, letting her hear him run right past her. She was could he try to capture her? And how could he think she bewitched him..

After a week, Athena was practicing her power at this part of the beach that nobody but, her and John knew..But the quietness didn't last long, Sinbad and his friends had went to the beach and were there to capture Athena..So she could be burned. Athena was horrified, seeing the hatred in their eyes...And the coldness in Sinbad's, her heart sank when she realized she had to use her new spell..The spell that turned her into a mermaid when she was in danger.

Athena did the spell, getting away from them fast. She swam out far enough, only to look back as she stared at John's face..He had almost looked surprised and heartbroken as she was so far out. She then mouthed goodbye, and that she loved him..

After another week, Athena had found out she was pregnant..with Sinbad's baby. And not having the heart to abort it, she had her little baby girl, Ariel..But she feared that people would find out about Ariel, making her search everywhere for someone who could take care of her.

Athena then found a woman named Anastasia, Anya for short. Athena told her about what had happened to her, and how she wanted to keep her baby girl safe. And to her surprise, the woman smiled kindly to her and said that she would gladly take care of her.

Athena then made a little seashell box, a box that would be only for Ariel, so she would know who her mother is..And was glad when Anya said she would talk about her, and let Ariel have the box.

She then left her baby girl Ariel, wanting to make sure nobody knew her ties with Anastasia. Though she didn't leave without crying..

Athena is now 30, while Ariel is 14 now. And Sinbad would be 31 now.

[[Story about her meeting Rain will be revealed later]]

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PostSubject: Re: Athena [Profile]   Athena [Profile] Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 7:35 pm

Ohh awesomeness ^^ and I can't wait I feel really bad for Athena DX
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Athena [Profile]
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