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 Witch Hunter - Helga

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PostSubject: Witch Hunter - Helga   Witch Hunter - Helga Icon_minitimeWed Apr 04, 2012 1:55 am

Name: Helga
Alias: Witch Hunter
Age: 28
Color: Yellow

Ruthless and very bitchy, she hates witches with her whole body. She never has trusted them as she was raised up to hate them. Though she is very loyal and nice to any other fellow hunters.


When Helga was eleven, her parents had started to raise her up to hunt witches. She was told how all of them are the same, even if they were called good witches...they could not be trusted. Due to they all will kill if they had the chance. Though she believed them, knowing they couldn't be trusted..
And when she was fourteen, she saw a witch killing a whole family, making her kill the witch and finally realized they were all horrible. And vowed to never let a witch walk freely anymore.

At the age of eighteen, she found out one of her best friend was a witch she tortured her, before she let her leave..Telling her to never come back cause if she would, she would kill her.

And a good weeks after she met a fellow hunter, Sinbad. Though she found out how he was betrayed by his ex-fiancee..who was a witch. She then felt bad for the man and tried everything to make him feel better..And even when it worked, her feelings for him were never returned.

And now at the age of twenty-eight she hates witches even more, and is envious of Athena..she still had Sinbad's love, and he wouldn't give her the time of the day..Though she is fine with not having her feelings returned, she is happy he isn't going back to him. Which makes her happy and knows she has any chance in the world to steal him away..
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Witch Hunter - Helga
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