The Darkness Rises...
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 Sinbad {Profile}

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PostSubject: Sinbad {Profile}   Sinbad {Profile} Icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 9:24 pm

Name: Sinbad

Age: 31

Group: Witch Hunter (ooc: I don't know the differences yet, I'll update this part later.)


When Sinbad was a boy, his father would take him out hunting... animals. One day when he was a young teenager, about 14 or 15, Sinbad and his father came home to see a witch kill his mother. His father and him tried to fight the witch, but the killed his father in front of him and then tortured Sinbad, zapping him over and over again with her magic, leaving a never fading scar on his chest. She left him to die, but the villagers found him in time and saved his life.

For a year, Sinbad worked hard, earning money for travel, so he could go and learn how to hunt down witches as if they were the animals him and his father hunted. He traveled the high seas, hunting any witch with a bounty on their head, hoping and determined to find the witch that killed his family.

One day, he met a young woman with blood red hair named Athena. Shortly after their meeting, he fell in love with her; he was so in love with her that he wanted to marry her. He knew if he married her, he would have to give up traveling the globe searching for witches and is life long goal... but, he was willing to do anything for her.

One day, he purposed in their garden, telling her he wanted to marry her...

Then... she told him a horrible truth...

She was a witch.

Sinbad felt betrayed, used... He wasn't even sure if his feelings for her were actually his own. He took back the ring that he had worked hard to save up for and get for her and called off the engagement.

Later that night, he knew she would be in their garden and he brought a team of hunters with him, to capture her, for he knew he had to stop her ways...

Before his eyes, she turned into a mermaid and he felt his heart break eve more as he watching her swim away...

Years past, and he taught himself to forget the feelings and to never trust anyone ever again...
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Sinbad {Profile}
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