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 Personal Profile Tarkan

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PostSubject: Personal Profile Tarkan   Personal Profile Tarkan Icon_minitimeSat Mar 31, 2012 4:56 pm

Name: Tarkan
Species: Dragon
Age: Ancient
Familiar to: Maleficent
Powers: Can breathe fire in his dragon form, change his appearance into a human form (Moses) but when he does that his powers are greatly
greatly diminished. Can fly in his dragon form. Can perform spells in both forms, and can make binding contracts with humans. (These contracts must be specific, and bind him and also the person holding the contract until it's either fullfilled or one of them dies.)

History: He belongs to a rare species called dragons. They are ancient creatures, and very coveted by wizards and witches because of their powers. And also very much feared by regular people. The dragons went into hiding, because they have been hunted so much. Every once in a while there are few witches or wizards who are familiars to them. Tarkan found his familiar, Maleficent, or Felicia sa he calls her. He helped her seek revenge on the humans who destroyed her home and terminated her family. He was very devoted and loyal to Felicia, teaching her spells and potions. He fell in love with her. How ever she became older and traveling around proved too difficult for her. They took over a vilage, and setteled down in a castle. One day how ever she walked with him to the dungeons, tricking him as she locked him up there, and enchanted the chains. He was very angry about that, and wants to retaliate that to her. If she ever needs to leave the castle she would take him with her, the chains preventing him from escaping.
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Personal Profile Tarkan
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