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 Personal Profile Rasputin

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PostSubject: Personal Profile Rasputin   Personal Profile Rasputin Icon_minitimeSat Mar 31, 2012 3:41 pm

Name: Grigori Rasputin
Age: 64
Powers: Can sway people to his will by using his voice. He is nearly impossible to kill, he can stand all kinds of abuse to his body. Also, he is very gifted with the knowledge of human body and can cause much destruction and/or heal. He is in constant contact with the dead spirits.

History: Grigori was born as the sixth child of a family. The family lived near a swam, and he would play in there with his sisters and brothers. One day he ran too far, spending the night on the cold uninviting swamp. When they found him he had a crows egg with him and he was not making any sense. Weeks went by and he was sounding like normal again, but no more played with his siblings. All he did was take care of that egg, nursing it until it hatched. He started to take walks alone through the forest with his familiar, a crow called Aleksei. Nobody knew where he went or what he did, but some people thought they saw him running in the forests naked. People found that odd, and drove him away.
Years later he found his way to the south of France, slowly more and more wiccans took refuge there. Nobody knows when he became an obsidian wiccan, and everytime someone asks him a guestion about his past he answers differently. He is completely mad, and always talks of spirits and demons. He experiences the afterlife as very real part of life.
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Personal Profile Rasputin
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