The Darkness Rises...
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 Ariel's intro- "The Girl with the Blood Red Hair..."

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PostSubject: Ariel's intro- "The Girl with the Blood Red Hair..."   Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:30 pm


The mass under the blankets moaned, before moving a little.

“Ariel!” A woman with red hair came into the room, looking around. “Ariel?” She called, looking over at the bed before sighing.

“Ariel, it's time to get up! It's already noon!” The woman said, going over to the bed and shaking the bed.

A loud groan came from the bed before a girl with long red hair shot up. “Mom! I was having a good dream.” The teenager said, glaring at the woman with a slight pout.

“Well, it is time to get up.” She stated, picking up some dirty clothes off the floor.

“Mom,” Ariel said, getting off the bed, only to have gotten her legs tangled up in her sheets. “Whoa!” She shouted, falling to the ground, before bouncing back up.

“What?” Her mother asked, walking out of the room.

“I was thinking, maybe we can go on a little vacation? You know, get away from the town and go see some of the world, what do you think?” She asked, following her mother into the laundry room.

Her mother sighed. “You just want to look for your birth mother.” She stated, putting the clothes in the bin.

Ariel bit her red bottom lip. “Okay, yes, I do! I want to meet her.... learn a bit more about myself... you know?”

She looked over at Ariel, to see her giving her a this cute pleading look. I shouldn't have looked at her...

She sighed. “We'll see...”

“Yes!” Ariel jumped for joy.

“But! Only if you do your chores for the rest of the week without complaints and you do well on your studies, all right?”

“I will, Mom! Thank you!” Ariel said, hugging her, before running off to clean her room.

Anya sighed. “Well, look out Athena, here we come...”

Ariel was packing away for her trip, sure the week wasn't up yet, but that didn't mean she couldn't get ahead start in packing.

She paused when she heard a knock on the door.

Yes? She heard her mother's voice after she answered the door.

Ariel sneaked out of her room, to see what was going on. She peaked around the corner and saw a stuck up looking old man talking to her mother.

“We're here for the girl.” The man stated.

“What girl?” Anya asked, getting the feeling she knew who she was talking to.

“The one with the blood red hair.” The man stated, forcing his way in.

“You can't just come in here without being invited! And I've never seen a girl like that.” Anya stated, and while the man's back was to her, she looked over in Ariel's direction and gave her a look that said, “run!”

Ariel's eyes widened, before she quietly went back to her room. She grabbed the rest of her stuff and climbed out of the window.

“Don't play dumb with my, madam. We have witnesses that state she has been here.” He said, before nodding to his men to look around the house.

He's talking about Athena... Anya thought, before a man came back into the room.

“Sir! We've found an extra room that looks like someone has been there recently”

The man smirked. “Excellent.” He said, before turning to Anya. “I think you have some explaining to do, madam.” He said, as he walked into the room.

“I have people and their children come stay here on occasion; no crime in that.” She stated, crossing her arms, as she silently hoped that Ariel was safe.

Ariel ran through the forest, trying to as much distant between her and that man that was looking for a girl with red hair.

She ran until she lost her footing on a hill and started rolling down it, receiving cuts and bruises.

When she finally reached the bottom, she moaned. “Ow...”

“You all right?”

Ariel looked up to see a tall man with black hair and blue eyes. Her face, arms, and legs covered in scratches. “Um... yeah, fine.” She said, standing up and dusting herself off.

“Well... bye!” She said, before running off again.

“Hey! Wait!” The man shouted chasing after her.

After a little bit of a chase, he managed to grab her arm.

“Hey! Let me go!” She struggled against his grip.

“Relax, I'm not going to hurt you, what are you doing out here anyways?”

“I'm looking for my mom.” She stated, before she could stop herself.

“Your mom?” He asked, surprised.

“Yeah, I was adopted and now I want to find my mother.” She said, before scolding herself. Why was she telling him almost everything?

The man looked at her. “...And how old are you?”

“Um...” Ariel said, shifting a little. “Uh... 18?”

The man gave her a look.

“16?... Fine, I'm fourteen okay?” Ariel said, grumbling about the looks he was giving her.

“You can't travel by yourself...” The man said, looking at her surprised.

“I have to though...” Ariel said, walking away.

The man walked up beside her. “You wouldn't mind if I join you then?”

Ariel titled her head at him. “Why would you want to?”

“Well... you didn't start you search very well, did you?” He asked, smiling a little.

Ariel looked at him shyly as they walked. “No...” She said, before giving him a look. “Fine, you can come, but only because I get the feeling I won't be able to get rid of you.” She stated, actually silently relieved that she won't be alone after all.

He smiled. “I'm Eric.” He said, offering her his hand.

She shook it. “Ariel.” She said, smiling back, before they continued walking.

I hope you're all right... Anya... She thought, trying not to look back to the home she had lived in for many years as she started her journey to find the woman who gave birth to her.
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PostSubject: Re: Ariel's intro- "The Girl with the Blood Red Hair..."   Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:54 pm

aofdbg'FG'pgf'HG *did I just spaz from the cool story that you wrote?*......YES I DID!! XDD I LOOOOVED IT!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Ariel's intro- "The Girl with the Blood Red Hair..."   Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:54 pm

Thank you! 8D *rereads* So many errors @_@
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PostSubject: Re: Ariel's intro- "The Girl with the Blood Red Hair..."   

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Ariel's intro- "The Girl with the Blood Red Hair..."
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