The Darkness Rises...
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 More on the World of Witch Hunt

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PostSubject: More on the World of Witch Hunt   More on the World of Witch Hunt Icon_minitimeThu Mar 22, 2012 4:22 pm

All righty soo this rp will take place in multiple different areas as everyone hopefully knows, in Avalon the leader is Lady Tremaine who is a Platinum* Witch. Lady Tremaine has long been the main leader over Avalon however she and the council of witches make the major descisions of the witching community.
Avalon is hidden from mortal eyes on an island off the coast of Britain England...however Avalon can appear as a safe haven for all witches who are seeking sanctuary. Inside Avalon is surrounded by wildlife and all types of certain areas that appeal to each type of witch, for those you can decide what it will be.
Even though Maleficent's Castle isn't near Avalon, it can still be a place where some of the more daring witches can convene...
MALEFICENT'S CASTLE- Maleficent took over a peaceful village and claimed the Castle as her own. In the Castle resides Maleficent's dragon familiar which she has locked up, also with Maleficent is Chel.
The Wiccans are led by Rasputin and even though we don't have Wiccans yet....*cough* anyway Rasputin is a Obsidian* Wiccan and even though he's powerful he's also insane.
Like Avalon, the Wiccan Headquarters are hidden from mortal eyes, and is located in the south of France. Rasputin leads the Wiccans sternly, even if he does things that are frowned upon by the Exterminators. As Wiccans work both sides of the playing field, one must be careful about their dealings with Wiccans. Most Wiccans work for the Exterminators for high pay and for the chance to be allowed to use their abilities to hunt down witches.

The Exterminators are led by Frollo Pyre a Golden* Exterminator, Frollo has long held grudges against witches however this all came to a head when his wife Madeline was murdered by witches who tried to warn him away. He then raised his son Eric and taught him to be an Exterminator like him, Frollo has been given holy powers that allow him to detect if a Witch is in a nearby vicinity.
Here in the Cathedral, women and men are taught and trained to be Exterminators. The Ancient Cathedral is located in the center of Italy and holds its own prestige that rivals royal blood lines. Those whose children are chosen to become future Exterminators are held in high regard due to family honor. The children are hand picked by Frollo himself who then trains each child according to their special talent.

*Platinum- Lady Tremaine is a rare witch and her talent lies with being able to do multiple talents at one time, she is not someone you want to get on the wrong side of.
*Obsidian- Rasputin is a rare wiccan and even though his talents have caused him to go insane, he's still powerful. His main talent is the ability to sway people to his way of thinking with his voice.
*Golden- Frollo is a rare Exterminator and has holy powers that allow him to find a Witch in a nearby vicinity, he has used this talent to find multiple witches over the years.
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More on the World of Witch Hunt
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