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 Jasmines life ^^

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Jasmines life ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Jasmines life ^^   Jasmines life ^^ Icon_minitimeWed Mar 21, 2012 10:29 pm

Jasmine was a young girl playing in her father’s palace. She was on her own because her babysitter had long since become lost in the endless hallways chasing after her. Her mother died when she was born so she never knew her sadly.

Jasmine did like wandering through her mother’s old things which her father kept for sentimental reasons. Jasmine was 6 now and wandered into her mother’s old study. As she looked at the old books she saw one that caught her eye on the top shelf. She pulled out the chair and climbed up. She pulled the book standing on her tip toes.

Suddenly the book shelf moved. Jasmine fell into a small alcove. The book shelf closed behind her leaving only a switch. She guessed that it was to open the door again. She walked down the small hallway. It came to a large room filled with old books, strange bottles and a number of other things that she couldn’t even begin to describe.

As she started reading she became fascinated. These were books on magic. Her mother was a witch. When she asked her father if her mother had any hobbies he said many things but he did not say anything about the secret study. She knew that the witch hunters would kill her.

Jasmine studied hard for the next four years learning all she could of magic. She finally had the basics down when one day while out in the market a tiger came along. Jasmine begged her father to let her keep him and finally he agreed. She named him Rajah and he became her familiar.

Soon Jasmine discovered her ability with fire spells. After reading she discovered that her abilities were more potent than other witches in the same area. According to the reading she did in the tombs in the study, fire magic was very dangerous. If she were to get out of control with those spells she could do a great deal of damage. That is why besides basic magic spells, and fire magic Jasmine also began learning about potions. Her mother had focused a lot on potions as well because it was easier to hide her abilities. Jasmine felt that mixing potions relaxed her. Mixing the ingredients in special quantities allowed her to relax her mind.

When Jasmine was 15 it occurred to her that she if she found this place at 6 then someone else might find out about her secret room. She found a spell that would collect and store all her and her mother’s magic things and cloths into a small bottomless bag she could easily carry on her back.

A year later a servant was cleaning in her mother’s study and discovered the passage way. As soon as he found out Jasmines father called for the witch hunters and she disappeared into the night with her magic bag and Rajah. For the next 2 years Jasmine traveled around learning more about the world and magic. She worked as an exotic dancer most of that time. As she did this she learned how to incorporate the dancing into a fighting style with her fire magic. She then found herself in the paradise were she would not be hunted anymore.

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Jasmines life ^^
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