The Darkness Rises...
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 The World of Witch Hunt

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The World of Witch Hunt Empty
PostSubject: The World of Witch Hunt   The World of Witch Hunt Icon_minitimeThu Feb 16, 2012 5:39 pm

Welcome to Witch Hunt, this is gonna be huuge soo prepare to brace yourself: Witches are classifed into four different color groups
White= Pure and Good
Red= Borderline
Black= Bad and Powerful
and Grey= All Powerful and Rare
The Wiccans are comprised of two groups:
Green= Peacekeeper and Helper
and Blue= Powerful and Violent
The Exterminators are comprised of three groups:
Yellow= Tough and Unyeilding
Brown= A Healer
and Orange= A Leader and a Guide
More Details on Each Group will be revealed later on as we progress through the rp, Main Plot: Witches are on the Rise....With Wiccans and Exterminators trying to defeat them, which side are you on? Not everything is as it seems....
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The World of Witch Hunt
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